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Handling Non Functional Requirements on an Agile Project

Posted by kenhoward on September 2, 2009

Here are the slides from one of my presentations at Agile 2009.   I’m not a fan of wordy slideware, and the slides may not necessarily “speak” to you as they do to me.   Nevertheless, let me know if you find any of this helpful.
Contact me if you’d like to learn more about how to handle non-functional requirements on an Agile project.   It can be tricky, but there are some very effective ways of handling them.



4 Responses to “Handling Non Functional Requirements on an Agile Project”

  1. Hi Ken,

    Coming from the LinkedIn URL, I was really interested in your PPT slideshow. I could not find it here. Could you please share it with us?

    thank you !

  2. Alex said

    Hi ken,
    I am interested in your slides, and not able to access it here. Looking forward your sharing.

  3. admin said

    I changed the privacy settings in Slideshare – you should be able to view them now. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  4. Jayakrishnan said

    Hi Ken,
    The slides are looking good.
    Can we generlize NFR whilr doing high level estmation?


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