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The Immortality of Lobsters

Posted by kenhoward on March 3, 2008

Some believe lobsters could live forever if external forces left them alone and allowed them to continue to eat, molt, and grow. The largest lobster ever found (and recorded) was over two feet long and weighed 42 pounds! The reason that lobsters don’t live forever is that external forces seem to step in at some point, leading to the demise of the lobster: bacteria, lobster traps, predators. If we wanted to test the immortality of a lobster, we would probably have to create a highly controlled setting that blocks these external forces. Even then, it’s possible that the nature of the controlled setting itself could create additional emotional forces that negatively impact the lobster’s life expectancy. These thoughts form the basis for a train of thought I’ll continue in the next blog: The Immortality of Humans.


One Response to “The Immortality of Lobsters”

  1. Anonymous said

    so i guess this is Scientology for lobsters

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