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Posted by kenhoward on December 21, 2007

Yes, the Internet has a lot of high value content. Unfortunately it also has a lot of crud you have to weed through to find the good stuff. Wikipedia can’t be the only place to find quality commercial free content. I found it:

For text, it contains the complete Gutenberg collection (classic novels, literature, non-fiction, etc.) There are a multitude of audio recordings for free download (old time radio shows, broadcasts, and music) , classic videos (old newsreels and some youtubeish stuff) , computer software, and more.

Examples I noticed include Tom Sawyer, The Time Machine, The Bible, video of the Hindenburg explosion, “Leisure Suit Larry” software program, Burns & Allen radio show, CBS Radio Mystery Theatre, Dragnet.

Oh, and for additional fun, check out the wayback machine on the same site. Remember what was on your company’s website 10 years ago? Key in a URL of any website and you can pull up an archive of what that website looked like on previous dates.

Now you have something to do over the holidays. Enjoy 😉


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