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Why Bother Reading This?

Posted by kenhoward on June 12, 2007

IN 2005 I attended Elliot Masie’s huge learning conference in Orlando, where learning managers were inundated with new techniques for flooding employees with more information: email blasts, blogs, RSS feeds, podcasts, wiki’s, online reference libraries, …. Yikes. Poor slobs back home didn’t know what was to hit them in the months to follow.

Some say “Information is Power”, while others say “Ignorance is Bliss”. Regardless, the bountiful sources of information place a great burden on individuals to select content to consume, and determine what to do with newly attained knowledge.

So why bother with this blog? Since the scope is not mathematical proofs, or the result of scientific experiments, then it must be entirely opinion. Some of you may scan the blog and move on, some may realize that “No, it’s not that dude from the White Shadow” and return to Google, and others may choose to read for a while and hang onto one ore more of my thoughts.

Whichever is your reason for stopping by, thanks for your attention.


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