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Become a Brilliant Conversationalist!

Posted by kenhoward on June 9, 2007

We’re all guilty of talking about ourselves from time to time, after all, it’s the one topic that we are absolutely the world’s renowned expert on. Although we all have interesting tales to tell, the contradiction is that a person we are talking to may prefer to be telling their own tales.

Dale Carnegie once said that the person who let’s others talk about themself is often seen as a brilliant conversationalist. The trick is keeping the conversation going by getting others to talk. Some may need a lot of prompting, probing, and urging to keep talking. That’s your job as the brilliant converstionalist. Continue prompting, probing, asking, and urging to keep them talking.

This can be more difficult with some than with others because you may run out of questions, or you may become bored. In future blogs we’ll continue to explore the art of small talk.


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