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Best Practice of the Day: Make the Sweetest Sound

Posted by kenhoward on May 29, 2007

Selfishness is primal for human beings, and selflessness must be learned and practiced. Therefore, you can’t go wrong catering to anyone’s selfish needs!

Years ago I learned from Dale Carnegie that the sweetest sound in anyone’s language is their own name. The easiest ‘trick’ in getting someone to like you is to remember their name, and to use it! When talking with someone, I often make a game out of trying to say their name a minimum of 3 times during the conversation – without sounding contrived or unnatural.

I also carry a 3×5 card and write the name of each new person I meet. When I next see that person at a meeting or in the hallway, I greet them with their name. When you do this, watch their face light up! They may be thinking, “Wow, he went to the trouble of remembering my name! I wish I had remembered his!”


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